Certification !

BEVA FRUITS has obtained the IFS BROKERfor its business of “Importing and Distribution of Fresh Fruits”. This certificate was issued in late August by the SGS certification body for a term of one years.
BEVA FRUITS is engage in the IFS BROKER certification process in order to recognize his expertise and all the arrangement deployed internally to ensure customer satisfaction and safety of fresh fruits that it distributes.
IFS BROKER standards concerned importers and permitted to "verify compliance measures implemented by them in terms of food safety requirements, quality from its suppliers and surveillance, so that products are delivered in compliance with regulatory and contractual specifications”

    Obtaining the certificate, validated the compliance of the measures put in place, including measures related to :
  • - Compliance with the requirements of our customers
  • - Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our products and activities
  • - Analysis of hazards to food safety by HACCP method
  • - Observance of food safety at all stages of our processes.
  • - Selecting and evaluating suppliers / producers and logistics providers able to meet our requirements.

This certificate also reinforces our commitment to work with confidence and transparency with all our stakeholders.


Beva Fruits International has obtained Certification in organic farming for producers, bakeries, food industry and distributors ...

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