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Why Beva Fruits International (BFI)?

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Low Cost Structure

Beva Fruits International (BFI) has been built on a north American module: Polyvalent staff and matrix environment. At BFI, we don’t believe in middle management. Our highly trained and competent staff are able to assist our suppliers and clients in domains that go beyond sales.

All this to keep our operational expense low and enable to offset unnecessary costs to our growers who need to maintain investments in technology, land purchase and to keep up with production costs that have grown significantly over the years.


The Whole tree

BFI understands production. We have over the years spent a good part of our time in the groves and have learnt to reply to our growers needs. Therefore, through our sales and marketing force, we have been able to develop programs in all types of fruit but as importantly we are able to off take all categories and all sizes whilst maintaining grower satisfaction. At BFI we commercialize all fruit in CAT 1, CAT 2 and fruit destined for industrial purposes (CAT 3).