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Import and distribution of mango in France and Europe

Beva Fruits International (BFI) is a company specializing in the import and distribution of mangoes in France, Europe. We are deploying different strategies in order to connect fruit producers and exporters with wholesalers. We then organize the supply of fresh fruit in the store. Our many years of experience in the fruit market allows you to develop your sales and broaden your horizons.

Our vision is based on the support and solutions we can offer you in relation to the multiple challenges of the industry. We understand the obstacles you are facing, since we are present both in the production of mangoes and in imports.

The professionals at Beva Fruits International (BFI), experts in the import and distribution of mangoes in France and Europe, have a vast network of contacts as well as marketing knowledge. Their expertise in different marketing strategies gives you the chance to better distribute your mangoes. We can also put you in touch with producers to import them, whether they are KENT mangoes or KEITT mangoes.

 Import and distribution of mangos in France and Europe - Beva Fruits International (BFI)

BFI, specialist in the import and distribution of mangoes in France and Europe

BFI is an important ally when the time comes to establish a strategy for the distribution and import of your mangoes. Our facilities, packaging and programs allow you to strengthen your presence in the fruit market. Our social conscience coupled with our expertise sets up a sustainable sales structure.

We do distribution and import of quality fruits from Mali, Ivory Coast as well as Latin American countries, such as Peru and Mexico. We deal and deal directly with growers who are passionate and concerned about the quality of their products. Attested and specialized, we can build a rigorous planning for the distribution and importation of mangoes in France and across Europe which will increase your turnover.


Team up with BFI for the distribution and import of mangoes in France and Europe

BFI has your interests at heart and takes pride in remaining honest with you through all stages of the importation and distribution of your mangoes on the European continent. Our expertise allows us to communicate directly with you to facilitate the process of importing fruit. We are there with you from the beginning to the end.

It is important to us that communication between producers / exporters and wholesalers remains easy so that all can benefit from a viable engagement. This is why we rely on detailed planning and rigorous monitoring. We are dedicated to the import and distribution of delicious and qualitative mangoes in store.

Contact Beva Fruits international (BFI) to import and distribute your mangoes in France and Europe. We will organize a meeting with you to improve your sales strategy.