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Importer and distributor of organic fruit in France and Europe

Beva Fruits International (BFI) is an organic fruit importer located in France, Europe. Our company has an excellent understanding of the market and is dedicated to the exchange between suppliers and retailers.

His presence with suppliers has allowed him to understand their issues on a daily basis. We understand the needs of organic fruit suppliers and this makes BFI a valuable ally, both for them and for the merchants who sell their products.

In addition, members of the team working for Beva Fruits International (BFI), importer and distributor of organic fruit in France, have an experience unparalleled in the field of fruit. Their knowledge of the marketing process allows you to sell your organic fruit more easily.

 Importer and distributor of organic fruit in France and Europe - Beva Fruits International (BFI)

BFI, your distributor and importer of organic fruit in France, Europe with unequivocal reliability

Do you want to do business with an importer and distributor of organic fruit in Europe with a distinguished experience? BFI is a partner of choice who knows the operation and demands of the market.

Beva Fruits International (BFI), an organic fruit distributor in Europe, is working to find fruit producers from several regions around the world. We do business with fruit outfitters on several continents, which allows us to vary the organic fruits that we distribute. No matter where you are, we are able to establish a strategy for your organic fruit to be sold at several wholesalers in Europe.

We offer quality fresh organic fruits from various countries, such as China, India, Chile, Vietnam, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

We communicate and do business directly with growers who strive to produce superior fruit quality. Certified and professional, we will be able to build a plan that will increase your sales.


Do business with an organic fruit distributor in Europe standing out in the market

Our mission at Beva Fruits International (BFI) is to support you with integrity through the sale of your organic fruits. Our advanced knowledge of food and our mastery of the industry concede to us to be able to communicate with you directly and to distribute your organic fruits throughout Europe. You can sell your goods in several European markets and grow your business.

We rely on an easy exchange between wholesalers and arborists to promote a stable relationship. Thus, we want to facilitate the import of organic fruit from various locations around the world and give you a better chance to sell your products. As an importer of organic fruit in France, we are dedicated to bringing tasty products to stores.

Contact Beva Fruits International (BFI), an importer of organic fruit in Europe and we will work with you to create an infallible sales strategy. Together, we will ensure that your efforts can bear fruit!